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 Therapy for Anxiety,Fear,Phobia,Addiction,Depression,Panic Disorders,Stress,Mental & Emotional Health


Reiki in Surrey, Middlesex and London

If you are looking for a natural form of healing that utilises universal energy, look no further than the world renowned Reiki treatment.
For those looking for specialist Shamanic & other form's of spiritual healing & therapy, please call us for information.

Shamanic healing in Surrey, Middlesex and London

Reiki healing treatments

Reiki is a Japanese therapy that utilises the energy that surrounds us for healing. At Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre, you can obtain professional Reiki healing therapy from highly experienced Reiki healers and masters.

Reiki has assisted many people to:
  • Calm their mind
  • Balance their emotions
  • Heal their physical body
  • Reduce stress and anxiety from within
  • Handle tough situations better
  • Enjoy a better quality of life through a composed mindset
We are based in Ashford, Surrey but serve clients from all over Surrey and London.
calming the mind with Reiki

Reiki in Ashford, Sunbury, Staines Windsor

Are you looking for Reiki or Shamanic healing therapy? Get in touch
with the specialists at Wise Blue Owl Therapy Centre
in Ashford, Surrey today.

Call 01784 392 449

Shamanic healing, Staines, Shepperton, Windsor, Hounslow

reiki therapy for a man

What other services can you obtain?

Apart from Reiki therapy, you can also obtain:

Our qualified practitioners can help with the symptoms of a wide range of problems that include:

  • Postnatal low-mood
  • Smell and taste disorders
  • Feeling suppressed
  • IBS
  • OCD
  • Weight management and more

You can visit our blog to obtain the latest updates on our therapies and treatments.

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