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Anxiety and Panic Attack Help Heathrow

  • by Alan Piper
  • 27 Jun, 2017

Anxiety and Panic Attack Help Heathrow

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What are Panic Attacks.  

A panic attack is a intense  sense of psychological and physical feeling’s of panic and fright, which can happen suddenly, often for no clear reason.Panic attacks usually last between five and 20 minutes, and although it may feel as though you are in serious trouble, they aren’t dangerous and shouldn’t cause any physical harm. It is unlikely you will be admitted to hospital if you have a panic attack.You may feel an overwhelming sense of fear and a sense of unreality, as if you’re detached from the world around you.As well as psychological symptoms, you may also experience physical symptoms of panic, such as:

A sensation that your heart is beating irregularly (palpitations)



Shortness of breath

A choking sensation

A chest pain

Feeling sick

The physical symptoms of a panic attack are caused by your body going into “fight or flight” mode in response to something you think is a threat. As your body tries to take in more oxygen your breathing quickens. Your body also releases hormones, such as adrenaline, causing your heart to beat faster and your muscles to tense up.

  We see a lot of  clients who suffer panic attacks  . Panic attacks are easy to cure if you seek out the right kind of help. (lets differentiate first between panicked attacks and other anxiety disorders). Panic attack is based on Adrenaline kicking in at an inappropriate time. Adrenaline kicking is is a normal and needed part of human functionality that serves as the fight or flee emotional make up of every normal person. It is there to serve the purpose of if in a danger situation should we arm our self mentally & physically to fight that danger or should we run from that danger, we have to make a split second decision , of subconsciously on which of those 2 courses of actions to take. With people who suffer panic attacks normally due to some previous bad experience or trauma, that system is simply out of calibration. Ie that fight or flee decision making decision and level is not in sync. There are many proven techniques to get this system back in sync these are generally hypnosis based practices, clinical hypnosis, Nuero linguistic programming, because it is the sub conscious mind that needs just some gentle re clarification. No drug is proven to do this, no other talking therapies will do this. Any experienced clinical hypnotherapist will cure Panic attacks in 1 to 3, 1 hour sessions with high success rate. For more information call me at 01784 392449 or Mbl 07734900007

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