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Anxiety Counselling Chiswick, London W4

  • by Alan Piper
  • 22 Jun, 2017

Women are not Robot's

black and white woman suffering anxiety

Anxiety Counselling Chiswick London W4

Women are not Robots
Contrary to belief women are not robots or machines, they feel hurt, sadness, pain, and disappointment, they experience feelings of not being good enough, of not reaching the mark, of being vulnerable and afraid.They can be unhappy, they can be scared and they get sick.

There is one thing that all women have in common they feel the following problems at some point in their life.

Fear / Phobias
Addiction (Eating, Drinking, Smoking)
Sex Problems
Relationships problems
Work / Career problems
Lack Self Confidence
Have an Image / Body problem

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Hypnotherapy in Ashford,Staines,Sunbury,Chiswick

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