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Fear of Surgery 

  • by Alan Piper
  • 19 Sep, 2016

Fear of Surgery 

surgeon's face indicating fear of surgery and hypnosis can help

Which symptoms does surgical fear include? 

A fear is normally referred to as a phobia. This can very person to person and can show up in a number of different symptoms, shortness of breath in some people, stomach upset in others, some people experience a fussy mind and a reluctance to accept or admit the pending surgery to them self. There are many symptoms, these are the common three often a person shows signs on a number of the different symptoms.

How do I know if I am just nervous or if it is real anxiety?

The understanding here has to be that anxiety and nerves are normal, we are supposed to be anxious or nervous in some situations and that is healthy. It's when that anxiety crosses the lines, like described in the first question, and becomes and irrational and a fear or phobia this is when the real issues start.

Where does the fear of surgery come from? 

Most phobia is due some kind of past bad experience or learning, either from what some one had said in the negative sense or what a person has experience in a negative sense. for instance you have had a bad experience at the doctors or  hospital before, a friend or realitive has descride a bad experience to you, or put negative thoughts in your head  about surgery. That is what starts an irrational fear or phobia off

What can I do as a patient to relax before surgery?

A key element is trust and understanding of what is involved. Understanding the surgery type and it risk's, not listing to other irrational fears or experience is also a good idea. Accept their are risks with every thing in life, and that having surgery it is generally to improve your overall health.

·          How is surgical fe ar treated in therapy?

 There are a number of different therapies to deal with fear of surgery, from counselling, to hypnosis, NLP, CBT, EFT, it varies person to person which therapy may suit which person best , most phobia is dealt with by hypnosis  as this has a high and proven success rate in curing people with irrational though processes .

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