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What is mindfulness and how can mindfulness help me?
Mindfulness is a practice for individuals or groups to do on a regular basis. It can enable people to change the way they think and feel about their experiences, especially anxiety and stressful periods. 

As a mind-body approach, it can increase our ability to manage difficult situations and make wise choices.

Evidence has found that when people intentionally practice being mindful they feel less stressed, anxious and depressed, with the UK Government’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommending MBCT for the treatment of recurrent depression.

 Research has shown the positive effects on several aspects of whole-person health, including the mind and the body, and behaviour, as well as a person’s relationships with others.

Mindfulness can be used as a tool to manage your well-being and mental health. With good mental health, you can:

Make the most of your potential
Cope with life

Play a full part in your family, workplace, community and among friends

There are different ways to learn about mindfulness and how to practise it in your daily life. It can be learnt in person, either through a group course or one-to-one. Mindfulness is a good practice for all the family to learn and practice together. For more information on Mindfulness why not visit or Mindfulness dedicated website 
A Black woman and a white woman receiving mindfulness

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