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  • by Alan Piper
  • 23 Jul, 2016




Feeling stressed already and the school holidays haven’t even started? Wondering how you are going to get though the full 6 weeks with a house full of board, squabbling kids?

The kids are jumping for joy at the thought of 6 weeks at home and here you are feeling stressed before they have even broken up. How about if maybe you did something else than what you usually do? People tend to reduce their stress in ways they have learned over the course of time because they turn to what they know such as screaming, shouting, overeating and drinking to excess. You may take comfort in unhealthy stress management techniques just because they’re familiar, even though they’re not good for your health. But, there are other behaviours you can learn to relieve the stress of the summer holidays and its effects that may be both healthier for you and the kids and longer lasting.

People who get stressed out easily are most likely to feel intense stress during any holidays especially the summer holidays. It's really all about you, and not about the holidays. But there's good news. You can learn to put stress in its place, and take the pressure off the whole 6 weeks holidays.

Here are the 5 fantastic tips to help you to deal with the next 6 week holiday stressssss.

1. Deep Breathing

Deep tummy breathing, if you’re ready to explode this is really helpful in interrupting irrational thoughts. Fill your pocket with balloons. Blowing up a balloon forces you to take long, slow breaths from the diaphragm, which slows down your heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and helps your body use oxygen more efficiently, having a calming effect. Give one to each of the kids to play with and one for you to relax all of your muscles.

If you are lacking a balloon just take three deep breaths now and feel all those muscles relax as you exhale.

2. Self-Hypnosis

In self-hypnosis you produce the relaxation response with a phrase or nonverbal cue (called a “suggestion”). What I would suggest here is when the kids are all tucked up in bed and you finally have time for you, go to our you tube page and listen or download my relaxation hypnosis recording then play this every evening when you are going to bed in order to really begin to learn to let go and calm and relax yourself.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique which is also known as the tapping technique is an energy therapy and has been proved highly effective when used to deal with stress and anxiety. EFT has the ability to calm you and relax you within minutes. It’s hard to think straight when you’re under stress and the kids are screaming.

EFT really does have the power to stop stress in its tracks. With a little knowledge and a little effort you can relax and begin to enjoy your summer holidays. When stress goes you become happier, more relaxed therefore so do your kids and all because of a simple little technique.

The way Eft works is that you tap on 8 different points of the body while thinking about any negative emotion and you can reduce that feeling down.

     One quick tip for you to remember and use over the summer holidays is to tap on the outside of your collar bone while thinking about any negative emotion and this will help to reduce it…. Go on … try it the next time the kids are fighting and you know you need to change the way you feel. Its brilliant and it works.

Many of those who have reaped the benefits of EFT and experienced its effectiveness have gone on to learn the basics by contacting us here at wiseblueowl.co.uk and attending a one day beginner’s workshop. In just one day you could get a thorough grounding in the technique of EFT which would enable you to use it on your own issues and those of family and friends.

4. Acupressure 

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves putting pressure with the fingers or the hand on certain points of the body. The pressure can unblock the flow of Qi to release tension and restore inner harmony. The great thing about acupressure is it is something you can do on your own to relieve stress when the kids are misbehaving. It will provide instant relief.

A couple of helpful pressure points in your body for dealing with anxiety and stress:

The soft spot behind your ear where your jaw bone connects to your skull — press gently with a finger and hold.

Apply pressure with your thumb at the point where your wrist forms a crease with your hand. Hold the acupressure point for about 2 minutes, applying a generous amount of pressure. This point is really good for relieving stress.

5. Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) use techniques that help you overcome negative emotions, it is a collection of techniques that allow us to understand how our minds work, and apply this knowledge so that we can achieve greater success in life and make positive changes to better ourselves. It is formed around the concept that all behaviour is rooted in the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the bit of the brain that is always functioning, and runs all our necessary programmes, even though we are not aware of this, like making sure we keep breathing when we are sleeping.

     The unconscious mind stores all our memories, processes all our experiences, filters everything we feel, hear, see, taste and smell, and it attaches emotion to everything we do.

NLP shows us how to access our unconscious minds, and also provides techniques for making changes at the unconscious level. Because the change is unconscious, it is easier, faster and more


My clients frequently tell me how quickly and easily they experience deep relaxation and tranquility through NLP and self-hypnosis.

Below is a technique you can practice now

Dissociation Technique

It’s easy to react to something negatively and then become stressed or upset about it. For example, if your child drives you crazy and you get angry in response.

The following NLP technique can help neutralize negative emotions in such situations. Here are the steps:

1. Identify what emotion you want to get rid of, be it anger, frustration, uneasiness about some person or dislike of some place.

2. See yourself encountering the situation from start to finish, as an observer.

3. Play the same mental movie backwards, then fast-forward it and then play it backwards again.

4. Play it backwards once more and then add a funny music to the mental movie. Do this 3-4 times.

5. Now try to see in your mind the same event like it was happening to you now. The emotions towards the stimulus should have disappeared or changed. If you still feel some kind of negative emotion, keep repeating this exercise until the negative emotion has completely disappeared. This is a brilliant technique to use with all sorts of negative emotions. Go on give it a go.

So go ahead and feel more positive about the next 6 weeks now you have some brilliant tools to help you though this time. Enjoy your summer holidays without the stress. For more information and any questions please contact us at:


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