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Weight Loss

Weight loss has come a long way  since the day of the starvation box,
yet most still fail.

Mind body slimming coach Kate Hudson – hall developed ‘Imagine Yourself Slim” in 2009, with great success in assisting people to stop crash dieting, working on encouraging control around food and causing motivation for exercise.

Weight Loss in Surrey, Middlesex and London

Weightloss Richmond, Windsor, Twickenham

Introduction and the reasons why ‘Imagine Yourself Slim’ works. We will be discussing your food diary, your thoughts and feelings around food and also your negative habits. You will learn how to change your negative focus around food into a positive outlook. 

Do you want to stop eating specific foods? You will be taught a technique to help you stop eating certain foods forever.Learn how to eliminate any negative feeling you have with food.Discussing healthy eating.

What are your eating triggers? How you can change these forever.Learn how to stop eating when you are full.We discuss exercise and your metabolism and how you can overcome the wall that is stopping you from moving your body more.

Do you have a negative voice in your head that tells you to eat foods that you know you shouldn’t eat? Learn how to stop that negative voice with a brilliant and easy technique.How you can begin to leave food on your plate and be comfortable with it.The importance of affirmations to help you with your ultimate goal of becoming slimmer, fitter and healthier.

How often do you get stressed? Well, you will learn techniques on how you can rid yourself of this stress.The importance of your imagination verses your willpower.Learn self-hypnosis and how it can help you become slimmer. Or just listen to the brilliant Imagine Yourself Slim hypnosis recording to help you with all you have learnt on the course in order to stay focused on your ultimate goal of becoming slimmer.

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